Crazy Pet Shop – Week 4

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Mixed feelings about this one – The game is based around a pet shop where you need to buy animals in, feed them, then sell them on to raise the cash to buy more. I was aiming to make a game with that persistent world feel – as if it has been going on while you were not watching – I didn’t quite get there, but the game does save state between sessions – thats a first for the year. Continue reading “Crazy Pet Shop – Week 4”


Frog Maths – Week 3

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I set out to spend some time building up a framework of tidy code this week, and to make a very simple game. Phoebe suggested a a game where a frog has to do some maths – so thats what you got.

I got the basics together that let me split the game into multiple screens pretty quickly (so the user doesn’t need to refresh the browser to start again), but I had no game at all at 5pm on Friday. It’s now 8pm on Saturday and I’ve spent quite a few hours discovering that most of my new layout code is incompatible with most of my old game code. Several hours of head scratching and I have the frog game complete.

New this week:

  • First use of PhaserJS Tweens (they’re pretty neat).
  • Sounds – music and effects (I literally flicked a ruler to get the jumping noise).
  • The use of game states to structure the app.
  • Added some new JS to aid full screen support for desktop.


Just tap the lillypad with the right answer to move forward – the sums get harder as you go.

Play Frog Maths

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Run Rabbit

Click to play Run Rabbit

This is my first game of 2017 and really the one that made me think I’m going to reduce the pressure and drop down to making a game a week – a game a day was hard and frankly I couldn’t keep up.

So the idea here is keep the rabbit alive, it needs feeding before hunger reaches zero, and you have to avoid the ever present hawk which will kill you on contact.

Continue reading “Run Rabbit”