Million Metres – Game 14

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 21.53.07

I am going to run 1,000,000 metres in a year for Mind – The Mental Health Charity – play the simulator.

Click to play.


Balance Blocks – Game 11

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 12.45.56I’m a bit behind posting the games I have made.

This is balance blocks – stack the blocks until they reach the lines to complete the level. (The middle of the block is where it measures).


Target Drop – Week 9

icon-60@3xLast night I sat down to write last weeks game. I only had about 4 hours so I thought I better go for something simple.

I can’t remember where the idea came from now, but I went for a game of catch. The targets drop from the top of the screen at increasing speeds and you get point for catching them – more points the closer you get to the middle.
Play Target Drop



Crazy Pet Shop – Week 4

Play Crazy Pet Shop

Mixed feelings about this one – The game is based around a pet shop where you need to buy animals in, feed them, then sell them on to raise the cash to buy more. I was aiming to make a game with that persistent world feel – as if it has been going on while you were not watching – I didn’t quite get there, but the game does save state between sessions – thats a first for the year. Continue reading “Crazy Pet Shop – Week 4”

Frog Maths – Week 3

Play Frog Maths

I set out to spend some time building up a framework of tidy code this week, and to make a very simple game. Phoebe suggested a a game where a frog has to do some maths – so thats what you got.

I got the basics together that let me split the game into multiple screens pretty quickly (so the user doesn’t need to refresh the browser to start again), but I had no game at all at 5pm on Friday. It’s now 8pm on Saturday and I’ve spent quite a few hours discovering that most of my new layout code is incompatible with most of my old game code. Several hours of head scratching and I have the frog game complete.

New this week:

  • First use of PhaserJS Tweens (they’re pretty neat).
  • Sounds – music and effects (I literally flicked a ruler to get the jumping noise).
  • The use of game states to structure the app.
  • Added some new JS to aid full screen support for desktop.


Just tap the lillypad with the right answer to move forward – the sums get harder as you go.

Play Frog Maths

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