Dark Discovery – Week 6

Play Dark Discovery

This week I was making a game about a Fruit Smoothie stall but I felt it was not going to get done on time. So on Saturday morning I started a new game!

screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-22-02-49So erm… Ta-daa! I completed the game engine last night, but only had one level. I designed the rest of the levels together this evening with my youngest daughter.

Here is Dark Discovery (Thanks to Tilly for the name) – a dungeon exploration game. Each level starts in complete darkness and you have to get out of the exit in as few moves as possible. As the levels progress the routes get harder and eventually you will meet unhelpful ghosts who effectively make you start again… only this time you can remember where you have already been right?

I was keen to do something with levels which could be completed with one two or three stars as you see so often and I hope that is something I can reuse going forwards.

Thinking up levels.

I’ve also tried to add a layer of contextual help to ease people into the game as understandably people have commented they don’t know whats going on in some of the others.

So have a go, see what you think – and if any of the levels are making you cross – blame Phoebe.

Play Dark Discovery


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