Crazy Pet Shop – Week 4

Play Crazy Pet Shop

Mixed feelings about this one – The game is based around a pet shop where you need to buy animals in, feed them, then sell them on to raise the cash to buy more. I was aiming to make a game with that persistent world feel – as if it has been going on while you were not watching – I didn’t quite get there, but the game does save state between sessions – thats a first for the year.

I’m pleased my youngest daughter has really taken to this game and she has spent considerable time watching me make it and play testing for me, but I’m a little frustrated at how it looks (no one wants to see browser alert boxes right?) as there was a lot to do underneath.

Technical achievements:

  • Automatic save game.
  • Better javascript OOP setup (though by no means perfect).


There a 9 hutches of which three start with creatures in. Click on an empty hutch to buy a new creature (they cost different amounts), or click on an occupied hutch to see its inhabitant. The creatures will let you know when they are hungry, at this point you need to feed them, you also need to make sure you don’t run out of food. That’s about it.

Play Crazy Pet Shop

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