Down Hill

Click to play Down Hill

So week 2 of 2017 draws to a close and I present to you “Down Hill”. I wanted to have a crack at a infinite scroller – and trying to keep it seasonal I went for a sledge theme. You just have to keep going as far as you can and try not to hit any trees… simple.

To be honest I got the bones of this game together in a day or two over the xmas break, but I wasn’t happy to put it out at the time. Having spent a couple more days working on it I have feel its probably OK to go. In the extra time I feel have addressed the following hurdles:

  • Improved the accuracy of the collision detection
  • Implemented touch controls for mobile.
  • Set the game to scale a little better for mobile devices.
  • Added full screen support for desktop.

Hope you have fun. Implementing a secure central high score table is actually pretty tricky. So for now I am only using a local high score on each game. A score over 4000 is pretty decent…


Use the arrow keys or tap the game area to steer left or right.

Space to toggle full screen on desktop devices.

Play Down Hill

P.S. if you ‘follow’ the blog you will be emailed when the next game is ready.


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