Run Rabbit

Click to play Run Rabbit

This is my first game of 2017 and really the one that made me think I’m going to reduce the pressure and drop down to making a game a week – a game a day was hard and frankly I couldn’t keep up.

So the idea here is keep the rabbit alive, it needs feeding before hunger reaches zero, and you have to avoid the ever present hawk which will kill you on contact.

The kids wanted a warren where you could make baby rabbits, and I was hoping to include a little bit of Gaia by having the baby rabbits eat carrots encouraging the player to keep a balance. Sadly there wasn’t time.

Whats new technically?

Well I’m still using phaserJS, but this game sees a switch to P2 physics from the usual arcade physics – this allows a me to use round collisions for the trees etc.

Hope you enjoy it.


Use the arrow keys to “steer” and move forward. Space to sprint.

Play Run Rabbit


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